Wood packaging materials for particle board components, point of purchase displays, painted & cut to size panels

Wooden Packaging Materials

Integrated Wood Components Inc. (IWCI) supplies complete panel processing services from composite wood panels, high gloss laminates, point of purchase displays, wooden packaging materials to delivery.

Integrated Wood Components is located in upstate New York, within 750 miles of 75% of the North American population. Integrated Wood Components delivers daily and provides quick delivery service.

Integrated Wood Components is equipped to design custom fixtures and displays as well as the wood packaging materials that will be used to assemble and process wood panels for your custom requirements. Consequently, you benefit from high quality and low cost panel processing. Our focus is to develop the most advantageous wooden packaging materials and assembly solutions....starting with high quality wood packaging materials, continuing through to drop-ship deliveries from our warehouse to your customers' doorstep.

Integrated Wood Components operates a wooden packaging and assembly line. We are equipped with all the tools necessary to package all types of furniture. Our packaging of flat packed items as well as fully assembled units such as point of purchase displays.

At Integrated Wood Components, we pride ourselves in demonstrating our capabilities and showing you how we can provide you with total panel processing solutions to your wooden packaging materials and assembly problems.

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