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What is NAUF MDF?

Many of our What is NAUF MFD? No Added Urea Formaldehydecustomers sell products in Japan, Canada, Europe and California. New green initiatives have them asking "WHAT IS NAUF MDF?" NAUF MDF stands for No Added Urea Formaldehyde Medium Density Fibreboard. Urea and Formaldehyde create a resin used as a permanent adhesive. Alternative adhesive systems that qualify for the NAUF category include: Phenol Formaldehyde (PF), Poly vinyl acetate (PVA) and Soy. The popular LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification has made the term NAUF a mainstream term in indoor air quality and the construction industry.

Now that we've answered you question "What is NAUF MDF?" Let's go through some other terms which may come up in your market. VOC (Volatile Organic Chemicals) occur naturally in woods and bamboo. They do not just stay inside the materials used to build the furniture. The gas leaks out over time and we breath it in. This is why in Europe, Japan, Canada, and now some states in the US have regulated the use of urea formaldehyde in composite wood products. Natural occurring levels of formaldehyde occur, but no added urea formaldehyde (NAUF) are used in NAUF and CARB phase 2 compliant materials.