Integrated Wood Components Services

Design Assistance
Our engineers, utilizing CAD/CAM technology and 3-D imaging software, can provide you with any design solutions you may require. We will make sure that you end up with a complete design package based on your needs.

Paint & Print
Our DuBois flat-line finishing process can base coat, prime, print and topcoat a variety of products up to 4’ widths or cut to size. Rotogravure cylinders allow us to print many different patterns. Silk screening and graphics are also produced in house.

Slat Wall
Our high volume slat wall machine can manufacture 3”, 6”, an 12” o.c. product in 4’ widths and 4’ through 12’ lengths. Any orders needing 5’ widths can be produced using our Shoda router. IWCI can manufacture high end slat wall in any configuration. We take pride in providing you with competitively priced commodity items.

No one company can do everything on it’s own, so we have established reliable sources to provide wire, steel, plastics, acrylics and boxes, just to name a few, in order to make IWCI the obvious choice for your product solutions.

Trucking and Delivery
Our company owned fleet enables us to provide superior delivery services all across the Northeast. Our courteous and professional drivers understand the value of on time and efficient deliveries. We deliver customer satisfaction! IWCI consistently delivers high quality products and services through attention to detail and use of sophisticated machinery in an integrated manufacturing process.