Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays) & Store Fixtures made with wood, particle board and mdf components

Point of Purchase Advertising

Integrated Wood Components (IWCI). We wish to submit to the world that we are more than a Point of Purchase Displays and wood displays manufacturer. While it is true that our panel processing factory is among the leading display manufacturers usa, we do not view ourselves as a simple panel processing company. Rather, we view ourselves as a experts in point of purchase advertising. The methidology behind our POP Advertising is through the expert use of wood laminating technologies and general Panel Processing.

Why are we experts in point of purchase advertising? Because we draw from our 30+ experience in taking display design ideas and turning our point of purchase displays and designing them in effective point of purchase advertising. Using wood laminating technologies, we are leaders among vinyl lamination manufacturers, paper lamination manufacturers in building custom fixtures and displays by using the latest in wood laminating technologies.

We take the display design ideas from an effective marketing perspective to reach maximum ROI on the point of purchase adverting value. Our point of purchase displays will be designed through the use of graphic art transmitted through painted mdf sheets or painted mdf cabinets on high gloss laminates. The display design ideas also include specific shapes that maximize ROI on the point of purchase advertising value through the use of our cut to size wood cutting board so that the custom fixtures displays are cut  using cut to size wood.

This is all part of our overall Panel Processing service. We use all the latest known composite wood manufacturing technologies and techniques to deliver your custom fixters and displays.