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Integrated Wood Components Inc. (IWCI) is a panel processing company which owns a panel processing plant in Deposit New York USA. We are generally known as a panel processing factory in the composite wood furniture manufacturers industry. However, as a leading panel processing company, we specialized in point of purchase advertising.

What is point of purchase advertising? It is a marketing technique used to help retailers distribute products on labelled point of purchase displays. As a wood displays manufacturer, our point of purchase displays are always manufactured using composite wood panels, cut to size wood, melamine laminate panels and high gloss laminates. We also use painted mdf sheets and t-moulding laminate within the panel processing factory.

In this day and age, panel processing manufacturers are often using environmentally hazardous materials such as plastic in order to save money. However, the growing awareness of the environment is causing the consumer to take notice of this when at point of purchase displays. This is why we are panel processing manufacturers who produce affordable point of purchase displays and custom fixtures displays using cut to size wood cutting board and composite wood panels.

Another important level of environmental awareness is our direct customer who is constantly under public scrutiny and pressure to be a green as possible at all times. This is also why we are leading panel processing manufacturers by delivering our point of purchase displays directly from our panel processing plant using wood packaging materials and engineered wood packaging. Our panel processing company is recognized by all governmental agencies is this is important for all panel processing manufacturers.
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