We are hands on green because we grew up green!

In keeping with our tradition of renewing natural resources and our beliefs around protecting resources, we at Integrated Wood Components Inc. (IWCI) continually find new ways to manufacture quality products in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

As boys, John Kamp (president of IWCI) and Gerard Kamp (Vice President of IWCI) began to restore the local environment by planting seedlings. They were just old enough to drive the truck loaded with a tractor and tree planter to the planting sites. At the break of day, just as the dew and fog were lifting from the hills and fields in the western Catskills and southern tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania, they would plant 500 trees per hour in the rocky soil on the hillsides. Ultimately this made use of land that was not suitable for farming.

Their inspiration to continue this backbreaking task of planting thousands of trees year after year came from their father Frank Xavier Kamp. This man carved a living from this renewable source as a master cabinetmaker and instilled in his sons the belief that “Trees are one of the few renewable natural resources that man can prove to be the continued purveyors of”. He was truly a visionary who engineered methods to renew and reuse many resources including the metal banding that comes packaged around most lumber and wood products. He invented the technology that recycled this material with a machine called the “Band-Ade”. There continues to be a growing demand for this technology today. (For more information on how to purchase the “Band-Ade” please contact us.)

Protecting the environment is part of our future

In 1971 the Kamp family was the first custom components manufacturer in the U.S.A. to use composite wood panels such as MDF. In our continued efforts to provide quality wood components and remain environmentally responsible we were the first ones in the early 1980’s to use totally “solvent free epoxies” in our laminating process. At IWCI we recycle 100% of our wood waste some of which is used to create energy to heat our plant. All plastic, paper products and other packaging materials are recycled for future reuse.

Today we continue with our early visions and environmental attitudes. Recently IWCI made a major investment by changing it’s roller coat paint line to provide improved coating that is free of Melamine, Solvents, Lead, and Formaldehyde emissions. This coating is applied to California Air Resources Board (CARB) or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) products and is sure to get the approval of any company that takes “Green Products” seriously. Today IWCI is able to source, secure, laminate, paint and manufacture any composite wood panels to meet your exacting requirements for an environmentally friendly product now and in the future.

Our competitors are also green...
...Green with envy!

Panel processing point of purchase displays has been delivered by IWCI, a composite wood furniture manufacturers company while being green all along.

Panel processing point of purchase displays has been delivered by IWCI, a composite wood furniture manufacturers company while being green all along.