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Our Company History

Our Founders

Frank and Henry Kamp (founders of IWCI) grew up in New Jersey and trained as apprentices under the tutelage of their father, a world class furniture craftsmen from the Bavarian region of Germany. In 1956 Frank and Henry moved their rapidly growing cabinet and wood furniture manufacturer from their family owned dairy farm into an aging milk condensing plant in Deposit, New York (Located in the heart of Up State New York’s Lumber Belt).

The demand for raw building materials skyrocketed due to local construction and projects associated with the expansion and preservation of water supply for New York city. Thus, the Kamp family also formed The Deposit Lumber Company. Frank Kamp began to realize that the success of his companies depended on the preservation and respect for sustainable natural resources. Frank often stated; “Trees are one of the few renewable natural resources that man can truly prove to be the continued purveyors of.” In 1957 he invented the “Customline Tree Planter” that later became a integral tool used in the preservation of the local forests.

Innovative Products & Services

The Kamp family owned companies always produced innovative manufactured goods and were at the forefront of the latest technology required to make those products better, faster and more efficiently. All the while embracing environmental practices and supporting the preservation of natural resources. In 1962 Baraboard (later known as Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF) was invented by a local manufacturer. IWCI began to introduce this new product to other companies that were ill-equipped for the cutting and machining of MDF components, painted MDF Cabinets, and painted MDF sheets, composite wood, and panel processing solutions at high volume. As a result IWCI became one of the largest MDF components supplier to furniture companies in the North Eastern part of United States. The company was willingly forced to expand and in 1972 the ground was broken for a new 25,000 sq. ft. facility. This high volume plant enabled the company to meet the ever growing demands of their customers.

A Tradition of Progress

In 1976 Gerard and John Kamp began to work for the family owned company. They began to learn the business from the ground up by working every process and operation. Their respect for the environment was instilled in them at an early age by their father. During their teenage years, the brothers planted hundreds of thousands of trees throughout Northern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York to help preserve and support the forests and it’s industries.

In 1986 the environment was quickly becoming a global concern. The next generation of Kamp brothers took over where their family left off. Because of their past experience and eco friendly practices, IWCI quickly adapted to the environmental demands of their customers and the world. Environmental systems for recycling air and containing dust were installed. Conversion of our paint line to 100% water based, environmentally friendly products was undertaken. Their wood laminating technologies began to utilize solvent free epoxies and water based glues. Highly productive and accurate machinery was purchased to increase volume, eliminate waste and use less energy. All of this ultimately lead to the construction of a brand new, state of the art, environmentally friendly, 150,000 sq. ft. facility. Which to this day is the most modern, energy efficient, fully integrated wood components manufacturing plant and display manufacturers in the USA.