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Known for their innovative manufactured goods, the Kamp family is carrying on this tradition by becoming NAUF plywood manufacturers. NAUF plywood manufacturers use alternative bonding agents in the wood in ensure that there is no added urea formaldehyde. This plywood is “greener” and healthier for both humans and the environment.

NAUF Plywood Manufacturers

Why NAUF plywood manufacturers?

Formaldehyde is released naturally from woods and can be found in the air inside your home. It is a colorless gas with a sharp odour. It is used as an adhesive and binder for wood products. Materials made from plywood can carry formaldehyde naturally, as well as added with an adhesive. Formaldehyde has shown to cause cancer in lab animals and workers exposed at their jobs to high levels. Sealing plywood or MDF products slows down the release of formaldehyde, but does not completely stop it. NAUF plywood manufacturers do not add urea-formaldehyde to their products. Since countries such as the US, Japan, Canada, and Europe have initiated legislature banning the sale of composite furniture, MDF and other wood products containing urea-formaldehyde, NAUF plywood manufacturers have gained popularity.

Striving to be your #1 NAUF plywood manufacturers is just one more way we’re “Making it Green”.