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NAUF Particleboard Advantages

 NAUF particleboard advantagesNAUF particleboard contains recycled and recovered wood fiber that is environmentally friendly in two ways. Recycling saves trees and the recovered wood avoids landfills so the NAUF particleboard advantages are twofold for the environment. This is a natural choice for IWCI, as we're always looking for ways to improve and gain support for our environmental initiatives.


Another one of the many NAUF particleboard advantages is that some types can earn you up to six LEED points! NAUF particleboard is available in many sizes, thicknesses. Our painting and print screening is done in house! The NAUF particleboard advantages are in addition to our regular advantages. These include using the latest 3-D imaging software, design solutions, high volume capabilities, advanced CNC machining services, computerized saws, routers, and drilling centers.

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