Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays) & Store Fixtures made with wood, particle board and mdf components

Miter Fold Machine

Integrated Wood Components Inc. (IWCI) is fully equipped with the most modern equipment and the staff is fully trained. Our miter fold machine or as some call it, "miter-folding laminate" will cut a V-Groove in the wood where the composite wood folding is to occur. This is referred to as the miter fold machine technique.

Why do some refer to the miter fold machine as the miter-folding laminate? Because we regularly use the miter fold machine to fold wood laminate. This is also mentioned in our "wood laminating technologies" page. However wood laminating technologies is a broader subject than miter fold machine or miter-folding laminate.

We use our miter fold machine to build floor display stands, custom fixtures and displays, permanent display stands, point of purchase advertising displays, point of purchase displays, floor display racks, floor display case, wood displays, pop displays usa, and painted mdf cabinets. We use our miter fold machine on high gloss laminates, composite wood panels, composite wood furniture, and melamine laminate panels.

When using the miter fold machine, our trained technicians' wood manufacturing technique is to lay the high gloss laminates or composite wood panels or melamine laminate panels flat on the miter-folding laminate table. Then, the tech simply presses the button on the pre-configured computer saw. The miter fold machine, equipped with a miter-folding machine tip automatically starts to cut along the pre-determined line.

After all the wood working techniques listed in the above paragraphs are complete, we move towards the folding machine Panel Processing process.The high gloss laminates or composite wood panels or melamine laminate panel is now ready to be folded. Once the folding is complete, we move to the next stage in Panel Processing.