MDF Particle board & wood component manufacturing


Cutting & Machining

IWCI can manufacture virtually any high end, high volume wood component in any configuration. IWCI has highly advanced CNC machining services, computerized saws, routers and drilling centers that provide us with the versatility to manufacture to precise tolerances. We take pride in providing you with competitively priced commodity items.


With our immense resources of papers, vinyl’s and paints we are able to produce almost any color requests to meet the design criteria of any product. MDF Particle board, Plywood’s and Hard boards are just some of the many sub straights that we can laminate our materials to.

Edge Finishing

Our different edge finishing procedures give you a multitude of choices including: edgebanding, contour banding, edge foiling, t-molding and painted edges. All of which increases our ability to achieve the look you are after to leave a lasting impression.

Paint & Print

Our DuBois flat-line finishing process can base coat, prime, print and topcoat a variety of products up to 4’ widths or cut to size. Rotogravure cylinders allow us to print many different patterns. Silk screening and graphics are also produced in house.