MDF Wall Panels

Integrated Wood Components Inc. manufactures MDF Wall Panels with a large variety of textures, embosses, laminates and colors. MDF Wall Panels are a great alternative to wallpaper, or painting, which can have a short life span. No more stripping walls, painting in coats, and color matching. IWCI 3D Wave Walls are easy to install and are custom designed to your specifications. Their one-piece construction allows for faster installation and building. Just place as many MDF Wall Panels as you need together! You can even have our 3D Wave Walls custom cut for a perfect fit.

Different MDF Wall Panel Applications:


Give a room a makeover with a complete MDF wall panel application covering. MDF wall panels can come laminated in a solid colour or texture, or in white so you can spray paint. For interior design projects, wall panels can give a room depth and even match the wood grain of furniture. MDF wall panels are structurally strong and thick, so you can hang products, pictures, etc.


Single Wall:

Have a single wall that lacks the decorative touch you’d like for your home or store? Our MDF Wall Panels are easy to match to your design specifications. Great for offices, retail buildings, schools, and arenas! Draw attention to a certain area or floor space with our MDF wall panels.


Education Facilities:

Direct traffic flow with MDF wall panels by choosing a different colour for each department. Visitors, students, and teachers will know which department they’re in or entering with easy colour coding systems. Add textures for an added degree of design!



Protect certain areas of arenas or sports facilities with added MDF Wall Panels. Our wood grain MDF laminated wall panels look stellar with hardwood court floors and give an edge to worn sporting facilities without remodelling the entire building!