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Integrated Wood Components Inc. In the Community

At Integrated Wood Components Inc. (IWCI) we realize that a strong community will result in a strong sustainable business. Since it’s inception, IWCI has been an integral member of the local community in which it operates. At IWCI our definition of sustainability extends beyond the environment to include finding ways to help sustain the community in which we live and work. We especially seek to find ways in which we can link our Panel Processing business with the needs of organizations that make a difference in people’s lives.

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Community Education Programs

Our work with Deposit Educational Endowment Program (DEEP) is a great example. Through this Perpetual Investment Funds program we have given scholarships to graduating high school students that other wise would not have the opportunity to get a post secondary education. We more than willingly offer Continuing Education Programs to all of our employees. Collectively, these programs help to ensure career advancement opportunities for our people and a competitive talent edge for our business – from the panel processing plant floor to the sales force to the management office.

Social Awareness

As we discover specific community needs that arise and as needs are brought to our attention, we are always willing to provide assistance. United Health Services (a non profit organization) was having difficulty maintaining health care to our local citizens because of a dilapidated building and lack of funding. We stepped in and helped to build a brand new 9000 sq. ft. facility in order to provide health care to those who could not afford to go elsewhere. In addition, IWCI became the founder of the Wilson Day Care Center. Through our donations It was established to provide practical Day Care for the community and our employees. When the local little league baseball organization came to us because of a lack of a venue, we graciously donated 4 acres of land so that a new ball park could be developed.

Social Responsibility

IWCI has also focused its donations on significant areas that can make a meaningful difference to future growth and development in our community. One of our more recent grants to the Deposit, New York Volunteer Fire Department included funding for new equipment, training and facilities. The Deposit Chamber of Commerce continues to be an organization that we are members of, closely connected with and help to develop. Through this association we are able work side by side with other local companies to insure that people always come first.