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We are manufacturers pf high gloss laminates and machine slit EXACT MATCH Edgebanding, Through our process of manufacturing high gloss laminates, your surface material of paper or vinyl appears glossy and produces a high quality look. This panel processing technique is especially beneficial in the manufacturing of Point of Purchase Displays.

When producing high gloss laminates we are careful to ensure exact matches for all of your high gloss laminates. All we require from our customers is a paper or vinyl sample and specify that you need high gloss laminates finish and we will make the point of purchase displays design.

When producing high gloss laminates, we deliver high quality products through attention to detail and use of modern machinery in an integrated manufacturing process.

High Gloss Laminates and Edgebanding

Our edgebanding always matched our finish including high gloss laminates.

High Gloss Laminating

We use 30 gram papers. This provides a superior penetration of adhesive methods and lamination system treatment.

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