Green Environmental Policies

Environmental responsibility is paramount at IWCI. Our complete product range is produced with an environmental conscience. Materials once considered by others to be waste, we regard it as a valuable resource, essentially recycling a significant amount of material once destined to be burned or landfilled. Manufacturing from residual wood waste materials enables the wood products industry to use more than 95% of the tree. An integral part of IWCI’s operating philosophy is to continually improve our environmental performance and to conserve natural resources by establishing and meeting environmental targets and objectives.

All our employees are expected to:

  • Conserve
  • Comply
  • Communicate

All our suppliers are expected to:

  • Supply Environmentally Friendly Materials When Possible
  • Comply With Government Regulations
  • Work With Us On Constant Environmental Improvement

Composite Wood Furniture Manufacturers Environmental responsibility is a critical element of IWCI’s success, and also helps ensure a financially sustainable company. At IWCI, we take responsible actions by maintaining an Environmental Management Information System, manufacturing Environmentally Preferable Products, and complying with all legal requirements. We deal openly and ethically with our customers and support our local communities.

  • We integrate environmental, social and economic considerations to help reduce risks and create opportunities.
  • We apply technology and innovation to improve operating efficiencies and minimize our footprint.
  • We partner with community members and other stakeholders from the start.
  • We encourage employees to express their values at work each day.
  • We safely and responsibly deliver environmentally conscious products to a world that now demands it.

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2011 Sustainability
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