Coil Separation Made Easy

After years of experience serving the steel and aluminum industry Integrated Wood Components Inc. (IWCI) recognized issues created by various types of coil separators. In response, we invented Snap-StixsTM to help protect coils, improve safety and reduce costs.

Problem 1

Finding a suitable product that does not crush under the heavy weight of coils stacked on top of each other.

Solution 1

Snap-StixsTM are a wood based product that will not crush under the weight of coils stacked on top of each other.

Problem 2

Most solid wood has moisture content between 28% - 58% causing rusting and oxidation noticeable to down stream users.

Solution 2

Snap-StixsTM moisture content is always between 4% and 6% virtually eliminating the issues of moisture transfer.

Problem 3

Cutting materials to the correct length for a variety of roll diameters is both labor and cost intensive.

Solution 3

Snap-StixsTM are “kerfed” at various intervals so anyone can easily “snap” each stick. This eliminates the costs of skilled labor.

Problem 4

Solid wood sticks have a natural tendency to splinter creating dangerous situations for workers and down stream users. Disposal of these materials are difficult and unsafe.

Solution 4

Snap-StixsTM are made of small fibers of wood pulp, normally recycled product or wood waste, mixed with emission free binders that will not splinter and are easily disposed of.

Snap-StixsTM are an environmentally friendly, moisture resistant, splinter free, strong coil separator and is a fraction of the cost of other materials. Snap-StixsTM offer all the physical properties necessary to properly and safely ship, store and protect coiled metal products. It’s a Snap!

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