Laminated wood and particle board components

Laminated wood and particle board components

Laminated particle board and wood furniture compenents

Laminated wood and particle board kitchen cabinet components

Woodstock Designs Edgebanding Products

Woodstock Designs is your solution for all of your edgebanding requirements. We are manufacturers of laminated and machine slit EXACT MATCH Edgebanding, Profile, Contour and Surface Products. This is achieved by laminating your surface material of paper or vinyl to the required PVC backer for your specific end customer use.

Exact Matching

At Woodstock Designs everything is done in house which enables us to provide you with unlimited EXACT matches for all of your surface laminates. Just send us your paper or vinyl samples as requested by your customer to perfectly match their surface laminates. We also carry a vast collection of stock materials for you to select from. We service small or large needs and can stock logs to be slit to maintain your supply demands.

Attention to Detail

We continue to strive for perfection during our manufacturing process. Your edging is machine slit to widths with a tolerance of + or - .005”. This means no top or bottom trimming on some hand banders. We choose the right backer for each use. Maximizing our superior bond of 30 gram paper. We consistently deliver high quality products and services through attention to detail and use of sophisticated machinery in an integrated manufacturing process.

For Use In:

  • Profile Wrapping
  • Membrane Pressing
  • All Types of Edgebanding

We Supply:

  • 23 gram up to 120 gram paper laminated to PVC or paper backer.
  • Wood veneer edgebanding.
  • Preglued edgebanding.


Our edgebanding is used in all types of equipment such as: Semi and automatic, hand or contour and soft form.

Profile Wrapped Rails

For hot or cold wrappers and all adhesives. It has excellent telegraphing resistance on any substrate.

Surface Laminating

We produce a far superior surface on 30 gram papers by penetration of adhesive methods and lamination system treatment.

Competitive Pricing

We provide competitively priced products and services in order to keep your business profitable. If the size of your orders increase we will pass the savings on to you, our client, by implementing our quantity price breaks program.

Quick Turnaround and Delivery

It is one thing to supply quality products and another thing to maintain a quick turnaround time but we do both. Woodstock Designs understands the quality requirements of furniture manufacturers and have the products and services available when it is needed. Your parts can be stacked or boxed and stretch-wrapped on pallets for safe delivery anywhere. From start to finish, we are your winning edge!

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