Display Manufacturers USA: Point of Purchase Displays (POP Displays) & Store Fixtures made with wood, particle board and mdf components

Display Manufacturers USA

Integrated Wood Components Inc. (IWCI). Among display manufacturers USA, we lead the way in the development of point of purchase displays through the use of our wood laminating technologies. Depending on the display design ideas, most of our point of purchase displays are manufactured using wood laminating technologies to produce high gloss laminates. The resulting composite wood panels are an essential part of our goal to maximize the point of purchase advertising effect on the permanent display stands or the custom fixtures and displays.

As a leader in display manufacturers USA, it is our responsibility to provide top of the line service to our clients. Since our specialty is to take display design ideas and turn them in to floor display stands that produce effective point of purchase advertising using cut to size wood, we own and operate wood displays New York which is our panel processing plant located in Deposit New York.

Located in Deposit New York, we are the leaders among display manufacturers USA. Up-State New York is a strategic location close to all the natural resources we need and equaly close to good USA workers experienced at working in a panel processing factory producing anything from point of purchase displays sold all over the USA to wood displays New York.

Panel Processing is our work. Our Wood display manufacturing technicques, professionals, equipment, resources, and experience enable us to continue serving the USA with top of the line and affordable custom fixtures and displays.

Environmentally Friendly Display Manufacturers USA