Design & Engineering

Design Assistance

Our engineers, utilizing CAD/CAM technology and the latest 3-D imaging software, can provide you with point of purchase displays design, wood panels, kitchen cabinet and wood composite furniture solutions. We will make sure that you end up with a complete design package based on your needs of your point of purchase displays design.


We can produce full scale prototypes of the point of purchase displays, and other wood compostite design product featuring the aesthetics, materials and functionality of the intended product. The construction of a fully working full-scale prototype and the ultimate test of concept, can be your final check for design, functionality and allows for last-minute improvements to be made before larger production runs are ordered.


No one company can do everything on it’s own, so we have established reliable sources to provide wire, steel, plastics, acrylics, hardware and boxes, just to name a few, in order to make IWCI the obvious choice for your point of purchase displays design, manufacturing and composite wood furniture solutions.