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We work with particle board components, solid color and wood grain laminates, high gloss laminates, composite wood panels, painted MDF sheets, melamine laminate panels and MDF boards as well as chipboards and painted MDF sheets. Everything we do is effectively cut to size wood. Whether your order is for point of purchase displays, composite wood furniture, wood display, point of purchase advertising, permanent display stands, custom fixtures and displays, floor display stands, floor display racks, floor display case, pop displays usa, silk screen displays, we take your concept from the display design ideas with our wood laminating technologies to production for your final product. We use engineered wood packaging with wood packaging materials to ship your product to your doorstep or to your customer's doorstep.

Not only do we provide cut to size wood, but your cut to size wood cutting board will be fully configured to build the final product. In other words, we build the whole product. Our most common order is for point of purchase displays or pop displays usa for the purpose of point of purchase advertising and product distribution. As we are among the leading composite wood furniture manufacturers and POP display manufacturers in the usa, we used cut to size wood cutting board ensuring that all material used is effectively cut to size wood. Our plant is equipped with other machinery such as a miter fold machine so that your cut to size wood is foldable where it needs to be and can be easily packaged using our engineered wood packaging. The wood packaging materials that we use is also cut to size wood. The cut to size wood cutting board used in our wood packaging materials will optimize the space used to match the point of purchase display inside. This is what we mean by "engineered wood packaging" and cut to size wood cutting board.

Using this "cut to size wood cutting board" composite wood manufacturing technique is part of our Panel Processing process when designing and manufacturing our world famous Point of Purchase Displays. Everythnig is custom made and manufactured to specification.

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