Composite Wood Furniture Manufacturers of POP Displays

Composite Wood Furniture Manufacturers

Integrated Wood Components (IWCI). We are a display components mfg located in Deposit New York, USA. We provide display design ideas for point of purchase displays and permanent display stands. We use composite wood furniture to build these products as well as other products such as point of purchase advertising, custom fixtures and displays. Our floor display stands are usually built with composite wood panels.

As leader in composite wood furniture manufacturers sector and display manufacturers USA industry, we produce composite wood furniture by thoroughly mixing wood particles and heated thermoplastic resin. We mold the composite wood into a new desired shape and produce composite wood panels. We use the greenest solutions making us USA's leading environmentally friendly composite wood furniture panel processing plant and composite wood panel processing company. Our composite wood furniture manufacturing and composite panel processing factory produces pellets of new composite wood. These composite wood pellets can be re-melted and shaped into composite wood panels in the manufacturing of point of purchase displays, point of purchase floor display stands, custom fixtures and displays, POP displays USA, floor display case, floor display racks, and other display design ideas. We are the leader among display manufacturers usa.

As a leader in the Panel Processing industry, we pride ourselves as specialists among composite wood furniture manufacturers. All our panels are composite wood and all our products are wood furniture.