CARB 2 Certified Materials Processing from IWCI

IWCI can manufacturCARB 2 Certified Materials at IWCIe CARB 2 certified materials in any configuration. With out highly advanced CNC machining services, computerized saws, routers and drilling centers we can manufacture to precise tolerances. We also provide laminating, edge finishing, paint and printing to your CARB 2 certified materials.
We provide complete services from laminate panels, component parts, finished assemblies, and packaging and delivery. We are committed to  environmental responsibility and all our products are produced with an environmental conscience.  What’s the point of choosing CARB 2 Certified Materials and losing all the environmental consciousness during the processing? IWCI is committed to complying with government regulations and constant environmental improvement. We supply environmentally friendly, including CARB 2 certified materials, whenever possible.

When wood is cut to manufacture furniture, its effect on the environment does not end. Natural gases such as formaldehyde leak out of the products. When urea is added a chemical reaction occurs and they create a natural resin used as a permanent adhesive. This can diminish the quality of the air we breath in around us, so CARB 2 Certified Materials have restrictions on the amounts of formaldehyde.