CARB ii Compliant

CAB ii CompliantBecause we’re committed to the environment and supply environmentally friendly materials whenever possible, naturally we adopted CARB ii compliant materials. These materials reduce the amount of formaldehyde introduced into the environment through wood composite processing and furniture production. We work closely with suppliers to provide CARB ii compliant materials and products that can be used by retailers in Japan, Canada, Europe and parts of the US.

We don’t only provide CARB ii compliant materials because of the regulations imposed by the California Air Resource Board. In 1990 we were the first use “No VOCs” (Volatile Organic Chemicals) Epoxies in our laminating process. In 2008 we were the first to use discarded PVC in our edge banding process. We work with suppliers to ensure products are produced efficiently with the environment a top priority. We use CARB ii compliant materials in our top quality composite wood products.